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Box Feed Unit Poder Coating Machine for Quick Color Change

Box Feed Unit Poder Coating Machine for Quick Color Change
Box Feed Unit Poder Coating Machine for Quick Color ChangeBox Feed Unit Poder Coating Machine for Quick Color Change
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Powder Coating Gun
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1 piece
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COLO powder coating equipment
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Sat, 13 Jul 2024 23:57:43 GMT


  • Model COLO-800D-L2-B

  • Application powder coating

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


It works very well for complicated parts, qucik and easy for color change.


Box Feed Powder Coating Gun Machine for Quick Color Change
1. 800D-B-L2 is box feed type,design for fast color change,if you need to coat various colors, these type is your best choice,let you coat your parts efficiently and easily.It is designed use original powder box ,minimal color change times,for directly transport from the original powder box,no need powder hopper,compelet emptying of powder box.

2. 800D serious powder coating spray machine is popular and wide need for almost every countries due to it's excellent qulaity,multi-function and best factory price.The control unit features up for 3 intelligent key: flat parts coating + complex parts coating + recoating parts,very convenient for diferent parts coating in process.In addition, have auto and manual mode,before coating,if you choose auto mode,no need to set the kv and ua,they are standard for different parts,if choose manul, can adjust by staff. More convenient in sprayng process.

Δ Model: COLO800D-B(L2)
Δ Certificate: CE/ ISO 9001/Certificate of compliance
Δ Main Feature:Intelligent & fast color change & good for coating corner & long life span
Δ Delivery: wthin 2days for small order,large order within 10days
Packing: carton or wooden box as standard shipping requirement
Delivery: small order within 3 days after get the payment,large order within 15days.

If you are intereted in our machine, just give us a call for more informations,Tel: 0086-18069805616 .